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Nestra Door Manufacturer/Dealer System

The feature list for the first release of Nestra Door Manufacturer/Dealer System have been finalized.  Nestra 2.0 will include Entrance Door functionality. Future releases will include Window functionality.

Feature List:

  1. Customer Quotation/Order Management

  2. One screen view for all Order Door spec’s ie..

    • Collection, Model, Hinge, Swing, Brickmould, Sill, Sidelite

    • Caming, Glass, Type, Painting etc..

  3. Customer Order History view.

  4. Pre-set Order Header/Line Class, Item Build master, specific to Door assemblies, utilized for fast Order entry.

  5. Pre-configured Door component build lists.

  6. Standard UOM Master definitions.

  7. Item build component entry with standard costing rolling up to total cost of finished good

  8. Percent Markup on standard build cost for price quotes.

  9. Quotation to Sales Order to Work Order to Shop-floor build, to Deliver, Install and Invoice processing.

  10. Supplier Lines/Catalog Master data set-up with pricing.

  11. Order, and WorkOrder Print, and final Customer Invoice print.

  12. Various reports and queries to be defined.

  13. Salesperson Management

  14. Installer work crew master definitions for costing calculation.

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